PLUTO  4.2
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 adv_flux.cCompute flux for passive scalars
 arrays.cMemory allocation functions
 bin_io.cFunctions for handling binary I/O
 boundary.cSet boundary conditions
 cmd_line_opt.cParse command line options
 cooling_source.cIntegrate cooling and reaction source terms
 doxy-comment.cDocumentation template for C source files
 entropy_switch.cCompute entropy after boundary condition have been set
 fd_flux.cCompute finite difference fluxes
 flag_shock.cShock finding algorithm
 get_nghost.cReturn the number of ghost zones
 globals.hCollects global variables definitions
 hdf5_io.cHDF5 I/O main driver
 hdf5_io.vChombo3.1.cHDF5 I/O main driver
 initialize.cInitialize PLUTO
 input_data.cProvide basic functionality for reading input data files
 int_bound_reset.cReset to zero the right hand side in the internal boundary
 jet_domain.cAdjust the effective domain size when the -xNjet option is given
 macros.hPLUTO header file for function-like macros
 main.cPLUTO main function
 mappers3D.c3D wrapper for conservative/primitive conversion
 mean_mol_weight.cCompute the mean molecular weight
 parabolic_flux.cCompute diffusion fluxes for explicit time stepping
 parabolic_rhs.cCompute right hand side for diffusion terms
 parse_file.cFile parser utilities
 pluto.hPLUTO main header file
 rbox.cBasic RBox database
 restart.cRestart PLUTO from binary or HDF5 double precision data files
 rkc.cRunge-Kutta-Chebyshev driver for integration of diffusion terms
 runtime_setup.cRead runtime information from pluto.ini
 set_geometry.cInitialize geometry-dependent grid quantities
 set_grid.cSet up the global and local grids in the three coordinate directions
 set_indexes.cPerform index permutation and set domain integration indexes
 set_output.cSet/retrieve output data attributes
 show_config.cPrint useful information about the current computations
 split_source.cInclude source terms using operator splitting
 startup.cLoop on the computational cells to assign initial conditions
 structs.hPLUTO header file for structure declarations
 sts.cSuper Time Stepping driver for integration of diffusion terms
 tools.cCollection of general-purpose functions
 vec_pot_diff.cCompute magnetic field from vector potential
 vec_pot_update.cFunction to handle vector potential
 write_data.cMain output driver
 write_tab.cWrite tabulated 1D or 2D ascii data files
 write_vtk.cWrite data in VTK format