PLUTO Test Problems
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Pluto 4.2 Test Problems

This page provides a (non-comprehensive) documentation to a variety of examples where different astrophysical / fluid dynamical problems are tackled using the PLUTO code. Numerical benchmarks are categorized into four different directories according to the PHYSICS module employed:

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Each test problem can be set up using one of the pre-defined configuration files that come along with the code distribution. Configuration files can differ for the choice of the Riemann solver, geometry, interpolation, time stepping and so forth. A specific configuration is labeled by a two-digit number and it is stored in the two files

where nn=01,02,03,....

In order to compile and run PLUTO for a given configuration, the previous files must be copied on pluto.ini and definitions.h and the python script should be executed. The problem setting does not need to be changed (i.e. Setup problem may be skipped) but you must choose a suitable makefile by selecting Change makefile.

Not all of the test problems have been documented yet. More documentation will be available with future versions of the code.